Brief history of vaping

In contrary to the popular belief that vaporizers were invented “a few years ago”, their history dates back a number of years. The first mention of vaping could be viewed in the novel called The History of Herodotus by the Greek Historian Herodotus. He talks about the first use of vaping while writing about the customs and traditions of Scythians, an enormous family of Iranian Eurasian rovers who used to live in the lands of what is now Southern Russia, back in 500BC. Scythians would throw weed on red hot rocks, which will become vapor immediately, and they would bathe in it and inhale it. That certainly was an interesting ritual, although likely not the most sophisticated vaporizer.

It’s amazing that the basic anatomy of a vape device is still pretty much the same as Gilbert designed it. Towards the end of the 20th century, Bill Amato created a rage with his outsized cannabis vaporizer, which won several awards at the exhibits in Amsterdam, Netherlands at the Sensi Seed Bank’s Hash Museum. His biggest success is referred to as the “shake and vape” vaporizer.

Early and mid-2000s indicate the modern era of vapes when many manufacturing companies started selling and creating small, mobile vaporizers. Some of the early vapes seemed much like a real cigarette and are occasionally referred to cig-a-likes. Now, vaporizers can be found by you in all shapes and sizes, from giant desktop computer versions to portable ones that are as small as a memory stick, with various vape mods available for the so-called box devices.


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